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What are the major advantages of using Project Companion?

Project Companion helps you become more successful in project management. The program allows you to streamline your processes in a methodological way and provides you a dedicated project overview, real-time tracking of the project progress, and beyond. We allow you to comprehensively track your projects as well as integrate functions like timesheets, invoicing, document management, and more. The result is increased oversight and productivity in your company. Request a free trial and see for yourself!

Who is Project Companion for?

Project Companion is suitable for companies big and small. The complex overview and tracking tools make the program ideal for companies dealing with a large number of projects, 100 or more. Here at Project Companion, we understand that every business is unique – and so is our offering: We provide a customized solution and tailor the program’s features to your project demands. No matter your business, we can make a program that gives you the functions you need.

Is Project Companion difficult to learn?

No. ProjectCompanion is easy to learn! Our training makes the implementation quick. Managers get an overview of the projects, project managers learn how to create Gantt-charts, create to-do lists and report status. Team members learn how to share documents, work with their to-do items and report time and expenses. You can use our on-line resources to conduct training, but we also offer standard and customized training.

How much time does it take to implement Project Companion?

Once you have signed up for a trial you can start to use ProjectCompanion directly. Just add users and start the projects. If you have many projects and want to provide good overview you can configure types of projects, departments, customers, etc. If you want to and project execution you can modify the pre-loaded project template to suit your needs, or create your own templates. A standard implementation requires a workshop of about 4 hours for configuring the system and setting up a customized project template. If time, expenses and invoicing is included additional time is usually required.

What does the implementation process of Project Companion look like?

After signing up for a free trial, our support team will contact you in order to learn more about your aims and project types. With this information, we can offer you a custom solution to suit you and your company needs. It is at this step that you can decide what functions and integrated features you would like.

How much does Project Companion cost?

The price of Project Companion is dependent on the package level as well as the number of users. Project Companion will be customized for your company and needs. Please contact us for a pricing consultation and free trial.

Does Project Companion offer free support?

All ProjectCompanion customers have access to our support services such as tutorials and live support. If you have any further questions please reach out at helpme@projectcompanion.com

Tutorial videos

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