ProjectCompanion supports municipalities. This can include business development, land-use planning, construction, real-estate and IT-projects.

You get overview of all projects and the possibility to eecute them in a structured way. You can create templates for different types of projects to establish a common way of working. Documentation can be shared both internally and externally.

Common application uses within municipalities:

  • Process development
  • Improvements
  • IT-development
  • Land-use planning
  • Construction
  • Investments
  • Real-estate
  • Streets and parks
  • Water
  • Waste

The most commonly used functions are:

  • Project overview
  • Project programs
  • Strategic objective areas
  • Project goals
  • Time plans
  • Workflow
  • Document management
  • Budget, actual and forecast
  • Risks and changes
  • Resource planning
  • Time reporting

It is easy to get started with basic functions and then expand by enabling modules.